The power of finding your Element

I generally don’t read books twice for the very simple reason that although I read a lot, I’m quite slow. So, by the time I finish reading something, my pile of to-be-read had increased and I’m anxious to continue with the next one. The Element by Ken Robinson was an exception. I had to re read it because the first time I did, this book captivated my attention so much that I didn’t even make my usual highlighting of important ideas. Every idea was relevant. It hooked me and moved me so much that I wanted to shout the world: stop whatever you are doing, sit down and read it. It might transform your life no matter your age.
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Educating teachers



I’ve known Dr. Ariel Gold from the many workshops and courses he’s been teaching for a long time. As a child psychiatrist, he’s always been committed to education and  cooperation with teachers to enlighten their task in an informed and assertive way. This book Psicoeducar 1,* which he writes together with Lic. Alicia Gomez is the outcome of more than 15 years of tireless dedication to empowering educators.

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A must read: Mindset


We all know people from school or from our teenage years that were extremely talented in their studies or in a sport and we probably sighed at the dream of “oh if I were as clever as she is”. However, when we run into them 10 or 15 years later, we found out that they dropped out of college or that they quit their swimming or maybe if they didn’t quit, they didn’t reach the standard of professionalism that everybody envisioned for them when they were flourishing. In the same way, we might encounter the classmate that had a mediocre performance at school and wow! We found out he is founder and president of a thriving company. What happened?

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Show your work!


“Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.” John Cleese’s opening quote says a lot about Austin Kleon’s  book Show your work!  I have been subscribed to Austin’s newsletter for a while and I can tell you, I’ve learned a lot from him. That’s why when I had the chance I bought this, his latest book.

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