This unhealthy belief


Some time ago when I found out about Ryan Holiday, I was deeply impressed by how much this person reads. In his blog (Meditations for Strategy and Life), he shares what he reads, what he learns, out of books and out of life. He’s a very young writer and media strategist who has a striking “résumé”and the more I know about his work, the more impressed I am.

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Two stories for one same day.


Oil by Delilah Smith It’s my birthday.

The day of your birthday

Birthdays have always been one of the most awkward and hard-to-get situations for me. I’ve had this feeling as if there were some sort of detail about them that I haven’t grasped to be able to enjoy them. I’ve lived all these years thinking that there’s something special I should feel that I don’t, and as if there were an attitude which the rest are supposed to see in me.  Something I fail to be up to the expectation. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

They are ideas and feelings that allow us to live a perfectly conventional life without much trouble, but they remain, notorious, clinged to our souls as coffee dregs to the bottom of a cup.

When I read Eleven, Sandra Cisneros’ insightful story, a feeling of satisfaction filled my heart, not out of birthdays, but out of the existence of literary works that can shed lights, shake cores or celebrate where there’s hardly any joy to do it. This brief story that is told through a girl on her eleventh birthday, is simply marvelous, because of -among other things- its perspective and because of the naivety of its humor.

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