From theory to practice: vision, beliefs, and the stamina to carry them out.


When it comes to educating for more efficient results, there is and there has been a lot of talk on what “should be”; however, it seems that we all somehow know what needs some to be achieved: children with excellent academic skills, prepared to enter in a competitive world and who happen to enjoy going to classes and learn.

The school with those characteristics exists. At least there’s one we know about because it has become an international phenomenon and it has a well thought out structure of self promotion. The Ron Clark Academy is a model school who enrolls mostly disadvantaged children and transforms them into top-notch students. The recipe? A staff of talented, committed teachers, academic rigor, strict discipline rules known and agreed, high involvement of parents and unconventional, fun methodology that includes creating songs and choreographies with mathematical concepts, field trips that include other countries and high profile debates among many others.

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New Minds


Almost Home. Oil painting by Donald Zolan 

Take a second to make a mental picture of this:

2029- Huge excitement at home and at school. Great expectations. Graduation year for first graders 2017.

Big challenge ahead.
For them, and for us.

Especially, for us.

For us: the generation in between generations who witnessed the demise of the Industrial era as we were growing, and adapted pretty quickly to an Information Age that has offered endless possibilities, but has also cornered us to some of our humanly boundaries.

However, almost stifled by the new world of data, we were able to perceive it was not going to last too long. Because we are used to changes now. We expect changes. Those big ones, in which you find yourself in the situation of looking back in time and finding hard to see yourself in a before kind of life.

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