The art of knowing how to live.


Oil painting. Rain’s Rustle by por Leonid Afremov


Having a life and living it adequately can be considered quite a miracle if we see it in perspective. Having the freedom to choose is an exclusive humanly privilege that is not always used appropriately.

A few days ago, when a difficult something at work came up–those situations that are hard to solve and are generally solved incorrectly because they take time, effort and thinking— I remembered with admiration the book by Fernando Savater, Amador. I definitely confirmed that it is an essential for those who wish to pursue a better living.

“As opposed to other living beings or inanimate ones, humans are able to choose their way of life. We can embrace what we consider correct (…). Therefore, it seems sensible to watch carefully what we do and make sure we acquire a certain know-how in terms of living that allow us to get things right. It is to that knowing-how or art of living that we call Ethics.”

Although it is labeled as a work for youngsters as it was written in the format of a letter for the writer’s son, Amador as a representative of a generation of adolescents, it is, I believe a book for anyone wishing to reflect on his or her ways in life.

“Ethics is nothing less than the rational attempt to find out how to live in a better way. If it is worth getting interested in Ethics, it is because we like the good life.”



I wish you an insightful reading!